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Hi, I'm Vaishnav

Design & Code

a just another guy who love working on new Projects, and UI/UX Design + Development

About me

About Me

Hello๐Ÿ‘‹, I'm Vaishnav Chandurkar, Final Year Computer Science and Engineering Student. I am looking for Web Developer role in exciting company.

I am passionate about building excellent Web Products that helps people. I'm continuously learning and enhancing my skill in Web Design and Development.

Besides all this stuff, I love to travel, I love to enjoy good company of people, good food and most importantly, I love to learn new things. That is what inspires me.

My Skills

Javascript ES6 ReactJs (Basic) HTML & CSS Github Figma Bootstrap

What I've been working on

I like to learn new things and always have a project in work. Take a look at some of the projects and articles I've dedicated my time to.

I love working on different projects, experimenting with Tools/Tech stack.

I believe working on different projects, helps you to gain knowledge and develop skills by engaging, trying new things and facing challenges.


Recently, I have started reflecting my ideas and thougths through words.

Started writing blog on tools and technologies, that I've learn while working. So you may spot some spelling and grammer mistake. You can write me back if you spot any or have an Suggestions.

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Let's Connect

I'm Currently looking for job opportunity in Web Development. I love to discusses ideas and working on project together. Feel free to Discuss exciting ideas or just a friendly hello.๐Ÿ˜€